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SkillsCerts - Essentials of Applied Marketing

Course Description:

The training content of this programme delivers knowledge and skills essential to finding employment in marketing. Having completed the programme, Learners will have a thorough knowledge of marketing fundamentals supported by a comprehensive skills set in areas such as marketing planning, product, price, distribution and promotions management, market research, personal selling.

Course Content – Modules:

The programme is made up of eight Training Modules each of which is broken down into four to six Training Units. The Modules are:

  • 1. The Role of Marketing in Business
  • 2. The Marketing Mix/Market Segmentation
  • 3. Product Policies/New Product Development
  • 4. Costing/Price Setting in Practice
  • 5. Distribution Policies/A practical approach to setting up Distribution Systems
  • 6. Communications Policies/Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotions, Publicity/Public Relations in practice
  • 7. Market Research
  • 8. Personal Selling/Planning and Delivering an Effective Sales Presentation

Who should apply?

The programme is designed as a training ground for:

  • Junior Marketing Personnel operating for the first time in a Marketing Department
  • Sales Personnel who wish to develop additional skills that will allow them to advance their business careers
  • Entrepreneurs who are developing new products or services, or who are setting up their own businesses, and need to develop knowledge and skills to help them produce marketing plans and manage the marketing dimension of their own businesses
  • Students of marketing who wish to supplement their classroom or on-line studies

Learner’s Personal Requirements:

There are no educational requirements for this programme: however, a Learner who has not completed or nearly completed Second Level education is likely to have some problems managing their learning.

The most basic of computer and keyboarding skills will be quite adequate.

A mastery of basic English reading and writing skills is essential: however, the programme has been written in very simple English and it has actually been used internationally to teach business studies students business English.

Only the most basic of mathematical skills are required – the ability to manipulate simple formulae and percentages is perfectly adequate.

Learner’s Technical Requirements:

The technical facilities required by Learners are:

  • 1. Broadband Access to the Internet
  • 2. Internet Explorer
  • 3. A PC or Laptop with Open Office, Microsoft Office or similar
  • 4. Reasonable graphics and sound cards
  • 5. A comfortable set of headphones


Most Learners will complete their training in about 50 hours.

However, it should take about ten to fifteen additional hours to complete all the Assignments and take the final on-line Certification test.


This programme is presently awaiting Certification and will be available shortly.

Certification will depend on completion of all Assignments and the final on-line Certification test.

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