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SkillsCerts - Food Safety & Hygiene

Course Description:

The training content of this programme delivers knowledge and skills essential to finding employment in any of the many sectors of the food industry. Having completed the programme, Learners will have a thorough knowledge of food safety supported by comprehensive skills set in the areas of food storage, preparation, cooking, serving, and display.

This programme can – if required – be tailored to the requirements of particular companies, organizations or workplace situations.

Course Content – Modules:

The programme is made up of ten Training Modules each of which is broken down into two to four training units. The Modules are:

  • 1. Contaminated Food can Kill
  • 2. Who are the Vulnerable Groups?
  • 3. What is Food Poisoning?
  • 4. All about Bacteria
  • 5. What is Contamination?
  • 6. What is Hygiene?
  • 7. How to prevent Food Contamination
  • 8. Maintaining Hygiene in the Workplace – Personal Hygiene
  • 9. Maintaining Hygiene in the Workplace – Cleaning & Disinfection
  • 10. The Food Handler & the Law

Who should apply?

The programme is designed as a training ground for personnel who:

  • Work in food production and processing
  • Handle food as part of their work in food retailing
  • Prepare and serve food in catering industry

Learner’s Personal Requirements:

There are no educational requirements for this programme.

The most basic of computer and keyboarding skills will be quite adequate.

A mastery of basic English reading and writing skills is required: however, the programme has been written in very simple English and the voiceovers that accompany each page of training can be easily translated into most languages other than English.

Learner’s Technical Requirements:

The technical facilities required by Learners are:

  • 1. Broadband Access to the Internet
  • 2. Internet Explorer
  • 3. A PC or Laptop with Open Office, Microsoft Office or similar
  • 4. Reasonable graphics and sound cards
  • 5. A comfortable set of headphones


Most Learners will complete their training in about 12 hours.


This programme is presently awaiting Certification and will be available shortly.

Certification will depend on completion of all Assignments and the final on-line Certification test.

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